RSD Course Pricing

The initial development and management of the RSD Course is self-funded — it has no donors! Therefore, in the early stages, the RSD Course will only be accessible to members that pay a very reasonable once-off fee. The early adopter members are thus our crowd-funders — thank you!

Scholarships will be available for volunteers after we have reached 10 000 paid-up members.

South Africa — Fee Structure

The fees for South Africa are discounted. Why? The minimum wage for an hour of labour in South Africa is R25 — this is equivalent to $1.38!!!

New Members Once-off fee Status
100 R 100 Open
100 R 200
100 R 300
100 R 400
100 R 500
100 R 600
100 R 700
100 R 800
100 R 900
100 R 1 000
1 000 R 1 500
8 000 R 2 000
10 000 TOTAL

N.B. After the first 10 000 members the once-off membership fee will be R2 500

International — Fee Structure

As you can see from the table below, the first 100 new international members will only pay a once-off fee of $20 for lifetime access to the RSD Course.

New MembersOnce-off FeeStatus
1 000$300 
8 000$400 
10 000TOTAL 

N.B. After the first 10 000 members the once-off membership fee will be $500

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RSD Course Versions

The pre-alpha version of a lesson is one that has not been peer reviewed yet — however, don’t worry, pre-alpha is good enough to be live! The alpha version is an early version of a peer reviewed lesson that is part of a dedicated evaluation process. The beta version includes almost all of the final content, videos, etc. yet it may still need to be tweaked somewhat.

The reason for making the pre-alpha version live is that we are actively engaging with our ‘early adopter’ crowdfunding students and contributors so that we can build the best course possible. The completed alpha versions of the entire course will be live from the 1st March 2024.

The beta versions will hopefully be released by 1st August 2024. The ‘completed & refined’ release of the RSD Course (English) should be available at the end of 2024. The course will then be translated into other languages — around 10 languages at first, and then more according to demand.