edu points

a key to universal affordability

edu points are issued to volunteers when they reach certain RE token & RSD qualification thresholds. Volunteers can use their edu points to pay for a diverse range of local and international online and offline courses.

edu points are awarded at a scaled rate based on RSD Qualification level. The reason for is that volunteers that are qualified in regenerative systems design are able to professionally design & lead projects, and impart knowledge to other volunteers. RE tokens are awarded to volunteers at 1 RE per minute to all members.

When it comes to edu points, volunteers from less developed countries, such as South Africa, benefit monetarily due to exchange rate dynamics. This is because edu points are (1) based on volunteer time and RSD Qualification, and that they are (2) denominated in $ (USD) — 30 minutes of volunteering = 1 edu point = $1 (1 USD).

NOTE: edu points are transacted via the banking app. edu points are not transferable between students.

All international registration fees go to education organisations to fund the edu point system.

How does it work? Students from Less Developed Countries (LDC) are allocated edu points for their volunteer practical work @ 2 – 16 edu points per hour depending on RSD Qualification. 1 edu point = $1 USD. LDC students use their edu points to pay for their prescribed and elective 3rd party courses. The 3rd party education organisations then exchange edu points for RSD Course registration vouchers which they in-turn sell to their students for USD, €, £, etc.

The first international RSD Course registration vouchers will go to:

Other edu point partners will soon include: edX, Ubiquity University, CAT, etc.

Qualification* Min RE** edu points
None2 per 60 RE
RSD Elementary18 0004 per 60 RE
RSD Foundation36 0006 per 60 RE
RSD Intermediate44 0008 per 60 RE
RSD Advanced72 00010 per 60 RE
RSD Specialist90 00012 per 60 RE
RSD Master108 00014 per 60 RE
≥ Masters Degree180 00016 per 60 RE

* Min RE = Minimum total RE tokens required to qualify

** edu points = edu points earned per hour (60 RE) for each RSD Qualification

To earn 16 edu points per 60 RE, the masters degrees referred to in the table above, must be one of the 7 approved masters degrees

edu point tokens per person are limited to a maximum of 50,000 edu ($50,000)

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RSD Course Versions

The pre-alpha version of a lesson is one that has not been peer reviewed yet — however, don’t worry, pre-alpha is good enough to be live! The alpha version is an early version of a peer reviewed lesson that is part of a dedicated evaluation process. The beta version includes almost all of the final content, videos, etc. yet it may still need to be tweaked somewhat.

The first modules of the pre-alpha version of the RSD Course are already live. The reason for making the pre-alpha version live is that we are actively engaging with our ‘early adopter’ crowdfunding students and contributors so that we can build the best course possible. The completed alpha versions of the entire course will be live from the 1st September 2024.

The beta version of the entire RSD Course will hopefully be released by 1st March 2025. The ‘completed & refined’ release of the RSD Course (English) should be available around late-2025. The course will then be translated into other languages — around 10 languages at first, and then more according to demand.