Strategic Collapse-on-Demand Transition : (A) Introduction

Strategic Collapse-on-Demand Transition prepares you for the worst case scenario, but also allows you to live the best case scenario, and everything in between. The best part is that you can save money and live a better life from day one — an early exit & build strategy for more freedom & more prosperity!

Strategic Collapse-on-Demand Transition is for individuals, families, communities, and society — a framework for building a free and prosperous society from the ground up! Collapse-on-Demand is fundamentally an early exit strategy so that rational people can avoid the rush when the inevitable complete collapse happens. The rationale for an early exit strategy is that when complete collapse arrives, it will be too late to build alternatives. In this course you will learn about these alternatives, and how to implement them.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 to 50 hours

Difficulty: (3) Foundation

Course Instructor

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RSD Course Versions

The pre-alpha version of a lesson is one that has not been peer reviewed yet — however, don’t worry, pre-alpha is good enough to be live! The alpha version is an early version of a peer reviewed lesson that is part of a dedicated evaluation process. The beta version includes almost all of the final content, videos, etc. yet it may still need to be tweaked somewhat.

The first modules of the pre-alpha version of the RSD Course are already live. The reason for making the pre-alpha version live is that we are actively engaging with our ‘early adopter’ crowdfunding students and contributors so that we can build the best course possible. The completed alpha versions of the entire course will be live from the 1st September 2024.

The beta version of the entire RSD Course will hopefully be released by 1st March 2025. The ‘completed & refined’ release of the RSD Course (English) should be available around late-2025. The course will then be translated into other languages — around 10 languages at first, and then more according to demand.